Chepe’s is a privately owned Atlanta based Mexican Restaurant group. They have won awards from the AJC and others for their quality dining and ornate interiors. The majority of their food is crafted daily in house, and there is only a medium sized walk-in refrigerator and very small freezer located in the back of the kitchen. Just like the anti-assembly line nature of their cooking, so is their dining room interior design style. Chepe’s is not a franchise and does not have a set prototype. Therefore, the layouts of each location are custom fit to the space but have many of the same design features and elements, re-arranged as needed. Chepe’s strives for an old world design style, utilizing rough sawn lumber, heavy timbers, rustic stone and brick, custom wrought iron and extra thick “distressed” chopping block style tables. This hand-crafted design helps to establish an old world charm in both the food and the atmosphere. The layouts are flexible and able to maximize their design to fit each location. Below are some before and after photos of two locations; Chepe’s #3 and #4 both in Marietta, GA.

Chepe’s #3

Chepe’s #4

Chepe’s Interior

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